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Specifications :

Chocolate capacity ENRO-24 @ ENRO-60
Model Capacity
ENRO-24 240lb (110kg)
ENRO-36 320lb (150kg)
ENRO-48 405lb (185kg)
ENRO-60 485lb (220kg)
Dimensions ENRO-24 @ ENRO-60
Model Belt width width length height
ENRO-24 24in (610mm) 53in (1346mm) 66in (1676mm) 71in (1803mm)
ENRO-36 36in (914mm) 65in (1651mm) 66in (1676mm) 71in (1803mm)
ENRO-48 48in (1219mm) 77in (1956mm) 66in (1676mm) 71in (1803mm)
ENRO-60 60in (1524mm) 89in (2261mm) 66in (1676mm) 71in (1803mm)
Power requirements ENRO-24 @ ENRO-60
Model Volt Phase Hertz Amp
ENRO-24 208* 3 60 40
ENRO-36 208* 3 60 50
ENRO-48 208* 3 60 50
ENRO-60 208* 3 60 60
* With Neutral

ENRO-24 @ 60

The ENRO-24@60 are perfect enrobers for a large production. These are industrial coaters. Their unique design that allow you to remove enrobing belt for sanitary cleaning and give a full access to the tank. The multitude of control provides the highest results in a coating process.

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Features :

  • Enrober heated with a circulating system of hot water in a double jacketed tank heated with an immersion heating elements and a circulation pump
  • Automatic cooling system with the inlet of cold water and exiting hot water
  • An electronic thermostat with dual display (FUJI) to adjust and read the temperature of the water
  • An electronic thermostat (FUJI) for reading the temperature of the chocolate
  • An electronic thermostat with dual display (FUJI) to adjust and read the temperature of the air blower
  • RTD probe into chocolate and water
  • Industrial blower at a constant temperature95°F (35°C) to remove excess of chocolate.
  • Chocolate flows through HACOS pump designed and tested specifically for chocolate (500kg/h to 2000kg/h), heated by the same water system of chocolate tank
  • Double chocolate curtain
  • Inlet of enrober is 26in (660mm) in length
  • Variable-speed belt (0@20pi/min) (0@6,1 m/min)
  • Adjustable vibrator (speed and amplitude) to remove excess chocolate
  • Detailor to remove bottom enrobing tails
  • Built-in stainless steel seamless construction and other food approved materials
  • Full coating of the product including bottom or just bottom
  • Easy to clean
  • Clear polycarbonate cover heated by a radiant
  • Mounted with 4 braked castors
  • No electrical certification provided /li>

Option :

  • Stainless steel racking system to remove enrobing belt for cleaning

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