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The ENRO-24’’-60’’ models are perfect enrobers for large productions. These are real industrial coaters. Their unique design with a removing enrobing belt allows easy cleaning of the belt and full access to the chocolate tank. The multitude of control provides the highest results of coating



The model ENRO-6 is the ideal equipment to increase productivity in coating product. It is a small robust machine very versatile and easy to use.It has all the characteristics of a large industrial coater.



This equipment is made to be perfect for a start up business, you are able to melt, temper, mold, hand dip with same equipment. This equipment is made to growth with your business. Add-ons equipment are easy to add.

Just like you, we make our products with passion!

Thanks to our 25 years in business, we have developped a solid expertise and an outstanding reputation through our customer base.

Expertise is about strong engineering and deep know-how. We fully design and built our equipment in-house so we can easily bring changes to fit your specific needs.

Our multi-disciplinary team can turn-around quickly. Simply tell us about your project and we’ll come up with an equipment to make it happen!

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  • Perfect Equipements porte bien son nom. Ces équipements sont ‘’parfait’’ pour mon entreprise.

    Mon premier achat a été un Enro-2. C'est l'entrée de gamme des enrobeuses et pour une petite opération comme la mienne ca m'a permis d'augmenter la production de façon spectaculaire. Ce qui avait déjà pris des heures à faire à la main individuellement a été fait dans 30 minutes. Cette augmentation de la productivité s'est rapidement transformée en une augmentation de la rentabilité! Nous avons depuis augmenté à deux Enro-2 et deux tempéreuses 20 kg air-2. Leur design compacts n’utilise pas une grande partie de notre petit espace. Plusieurs machines nous permettent d'avoir du lait, chocolat noir et blanc disponible à tout moment.

    Amy Lear Man in the Moon Candies – Oswego, New York
  • Perfect Equipements is aptly named.
    These machines are “perfect” for my business.

    My first Perfect purchase was an Enro-2. This is the ideal entry-enrober for a small operation and allowed me to increase production dramatically. What had previously taken hours to individually hand dip suddenly was done in a half hour. This increase in productivity quickly turned into an increase in profitability! We have since expanded to two Enro-2 and two Air-2 machines. Their efficient, compact designs make a small footprint in our small space. Multiple machines allow us to have milk, dark and white chocolate available at all times.

    Amy Lear Man in the Moon Candies – Oswego, New York
  • J'ai la petite enrobeuse Compact 6''. C'est une machine bien construite et tres simple qui comprend un ventilateur, un vibrateur, un coupe queue, et un couvert en polycarbonate. Je suis capable de garder mon tempérage pour 12-15 heures.

    Aussi, le nettoyage est très facile et vous pouvez facilement enrober dans le noir, un jour, nettoyer la pan et la roue, et enrober avec du chocolat au lait le lendemain.

    Chef Daniel Herskovic Chocolatier situé dans la région de Chicago - Mayana Chocolate
  • I have the Perfect Compact Coater 6’’. It is a rather simple machine that includes a blower, a detailer, and a polycarbonate shield I am able to keep the temper going for 12-15 hours.

    Also, cleanup is very easy and you can easily enrobe in dark one day, clean the pan, and enrobe in milk chocolate the next day.

    Chef Daniel Herskovic Chicago-based chocolatier - Mayana Chocolate